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Photo Booth Hire in Fairfield, NSW

Looking for a fun and memorable addition to your event in Fairfield, New South Wales? Look no further than Captiv8 Events’ photo booth hire! Our team of professionals will provide a reliable and friendly service that is guaranteed to make your event interactive and entertaining. With 10 years of experience and a 5-star rating, we know how to capture the perfect moments and create lasting memories. Our core values of fun, memorable, and interactive ensure that your guests will have a blast while posing for photos and taking home printed keepsakes. Book with us today and let us bring the party to you!


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  1. Fun and Memorable Events
  2. 5-Star Rated Service
  3. Reliable and Friendly Staff
  4. Experienced Event Professionals
  5. Interactive Photo Booths
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“I’m ready to capture unforgettable moments with Captiv8 Events! With 10 years of experience and a 5-star rating, their reliable and friendly team of professionals will make your event fun, memorable, and interactive. Let’s make it happen with their top-notch photo booth hire services in Fairfield, New South Wales. Book now and let’s create lasting memories together!”


Hey there! If you’re looking to add some fun and excitement to your event, you’ve come to the right place. At Captiv8 Events, we offer photo booth hire services that are sure to make your event a memorable one. Our photo booths provide a fun and interactive way for your guests to capture their memories and create lasting keepsakes. With a range of props and backdrops to choose from, we can customize the experience to fit the theme of your event. Plus, our friendly and professional team will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. So why wait? Contact us today to book your photo booth hire and let’s make your event one to remember!

Why Us

Hey there, if you’re looking for a fun and interactive addition to your event, then you should definitely choose Captiv8 Events for photo booth hire! With over 10 years of experience in the industry and a 5 star rating, you can trust that we’ll deliver a reliable and friendly service. Our team of professionals are passionate about making your event memorable and enjoyable for all guests. Plus, our core values of fun, memorable, and interactive ensure that we’ll provide an experience that everyone will love. So, if you want to capture some great memories and have a blast while doing it, choose Captiv8 Events for your photo booth hire needs!

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1. What kind of events can I hire a photo booth for?
I can provide photo booth hire services for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and even school formals.

2. How many hours can I hire the photo booth for?
I offer flexible hire periods, ranging from 2 to 5 hours, depending on your event needs.

3. What kind of props and backdrops do you provide?
I have a wide selection of props and backdrops to choose from, including fun hats, glasses, and signs, as well as a range of themed backdrops to suit your event.

4. Can I customize the photo prints with my own branding or logo?
Absolutely! I can work with you to create custom photo templates with your branding or logo, ensuring that your guests leave with a unique and memorable keepsake.

5. Do you provide on-site support and assistance during the event?
Yes, I will have a trained and friendly attendant on hand to set up the booth, assist with props and backdrops, and ensure that everything runs smoothly during your event.

Hire Captiv8 Events for Fun Photo Booth Hire in Fairfield, NSW

Are you looking to add some excitement and fun to your event in Fairfield, NSW? Look no further than Captiv8 Events! With 10 years of experience in the event services industry, we specialize in providing top-notch photo booth hire that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

At Captiv8 Events, we understand the importance of creating a lively and engaging atmosphere for your event. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable photo booth options that cater to your specific needs and preferences. From classic booths to modern GIF booths, we have everything you need to keep your guests entertained throughout the night.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We take care of everything from setting up the booth to providing props and backgrounds that match your theme. With Captiv8 Events, you can sit back and enjoy the party while we handle all the details.

So why wait? Let us help you make your event a memorable one with our fun photo booth hire in Fairfield, NSW. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and pricing options!

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Memorable Event Photos

I love attending events with a photo booth hire! Not only do I get to capture fun moments with my friends and family, but the pictures always turn out so memorable. The photo booth is like a mini studio where you can be whoever you want to be and have a blast doing it.

There’s something about having props and costumes at your disposal that really brings out the creativity in people. I’ve seen my friends transform into superheroes, princesses, and even wild animals right before my eyes. It’s hilarious watching them strike poses and make silly faces in front of the camera. And when the photos come out, we’re all laughing so hard that our cheeks hurt.

But it’s not just about the fun factor. The quality of the photos is also impressive. The lighting is always perfect, and the prints are high-resolution and top-notch. Plus, most photo booths come with customizable templates that add a personal touch to your pictures. You can choose from different backgrounds, fonts, and colors to match your event theme or branding.

In short, if you want to make your event truly memorable, don’t forget to include a photo booth hire. It’s an investment that will pay off in spades when you look back at the pictures years from now. Who knows? You might even discover a hidden talent for modeling or acting!

The Importance of Photo Booth Hire

I absolutely love photo booths! They are a must-have at any event, and here’s why:

1. They create lasting memories: Photo booths capture moments that would otherwise be forgotten. Guests can take home a physical keepsake of the fun they had at your event.

2. They encourage participation: Photo booths are a great way to break the ice and get guests interacting with one another. Plus, who doesn’t love dressing up in silly props?

3. They add to the overall experience: A photo booth is an extra touch that elevates your event from ordinary to extraordinary. It shows that you went above and beyond to make sure your guests have a good time.

At Captiv8 Events, we understand the importance of photo booth hire and strive to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Our reliable and friendly team will set up and operate the photo booth, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We offer a variety of backdrops, props, and customization options to make your event truly unique.

Don’t settle for a boring event – add a photo booth and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Why Should I Choose Photo Booth Hire for My Event Needs?

I know how important it is to capture memories and create a fun atmosphere at events. That’s why I believe that photo booth hire is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add some excitement to their special occasion. With Captiv8 Events, we offer modern photo booths that come with unlimited prints, a huge range of props, and instant share options.

Our photo booths are the perfect addition to any event, whether it be a corporate function, wedding, or birthday party. Guests will have a blast taking photos with our high-quality cameras and fun props, and they’ll love being able to take the memories home with them in the form of unlimited prints. Plus, with our instant share options, guests can easily share their photos on social media and keep the party going online.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your event unforgettable, consider photo booth hire with Captiv8 Events. Our modern photo booths are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages, and our unique sales proposition of unlimited prints, a huge range of props, and instant share options make us the perfect choice for any event.